Top 10 Vegan Restaurants in Victoria You Don’t Want to Miss

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February 3, 2018
Top 10 Vegan Restaurants in Victoria Australia You Don't Want to Miss

Victoria or more specifically Melbourne is a paradise for food lovers! When you are out in Victoria, you are never short of good dining options as there are hundreds of restaurants and cafes to cater your interest. People fond of Italian dishes head to Lygon Street in Carlton or people who love Vietnamese cuisine make their way to Victoria Street. Similarly there are people who have adopted vegan lifestyle.

Victoria has their dining needs covered too! If you are looking out for best vegan restaurants in victoria, then following dining options might be up on your sleeves!

Yong Green Food

Yong Green Food Melbourne Rehabs Drug Treatment Site

Located in Fitzroy in Northern Melbourne, Yong Green Food specializes in raw, organic and gluten-free foods and drinks. Through perfect use of organic ingredients, they prepare dishes to satisfy all sorts of dietary needs and tolerances. Following the Ying and Yang principles, they ensure healthy eating which helps to sustain your body and its needs. If you happen to visit Yong Green Food, then make sure to try out the Rawsagne, one of the innovations in their extensive menu!

Lentil as Anything

Lentil as Anything Melbourne Rehabs Addiction Treatment Blog

It is a not-for-profit vegan restaurant where patrons and volunteers help in preparing delicious meals. The restaurant has a bit of Indian and Sri Lankan touch and provides a community space for vegans to have healthy and luscious meals. There are no fixed prices for food items, and people contribute what they believe the food and serving was worth. They have centers in St Kilda, Footscray, Abbotsford, Preston and Thornbury.

Smith and Daughters

Smith and Daughters Melbourne Rehabs Alcohol Treatment Website

Another vegan dining spot in Fitzroy, Smith and Daughters provides an all-round menu for vegans and non-vegans alike. Their mouth-watering brunch and dinner menus are animal product free. You can stop by for a bagel or doughnut in the morning or feast on spicy tacos in the evening!

The Vegie Bar

The Vegie Bar Melbourne Rehabs Drug Treatment Site

Located among several renowned restaurants and cafes, The Vegie Bar is a standout amongst all for its vegan cuisine. As the name suggests, it has a bar-like setup and is always full with people munching on vegan dishes. From wholesome food bowls to tasty burgers, the vegie bar has a lot to variety in their menu.

Sister of Soul

Sister of soul Melbourne Rehabs

Sister of soul is a hot favorite in vegan restaurants, located in the heart of St Kilda. Featuring modern style décor and vivid environment, the restaurant serves healthy vegan dishes from breakfast to dinner. Their menu is full of flavorsome vegan dishes which make people keep coming for more! The restaurant also repays the nature by sending food waste and coffee grinds to St Kilda’s Veg Out Community Gardens.


Shakahari Melbourne Rehabs Alcohol Treatment Website

Shakahari, a Hindi word for “vegetarian” reflects the philosophy of the restaurant. The restaurant is well-known for its innovations in vegetarian and vegan cuisines. Their dishes are primarily based around Japanese and Indian cuisines, and are prepared only from fresh and natural ingredients. You can relax and enjoy their light meals in open air courtyard at their garden setting!

Girls and Boys

Girls and Boys Melbourne Rehabs Drug Treatment Site

Located right next to Vegie Bar, Girls and Boys is a take-away vegan ice-cream and dessert spot. They specialize in soft serve ice-cream and gelato made from coconut and soy milk sweetened with rice syrup. They also have drinks menu where they serve spiced mylks, smoothies and shakes!

Tofu Shop International

Tofu Shop International Melbourne Rehabs Addiction Treatment Blog

Tofu Shop is a leading tofu café in Australia. Featuring an extensive menu to choose from, the café offers a great dining experience. Dishes are prepared from blend of natural and seasonal ingredients. Their chefs create fresh menus, so you are bound to find new dishes every time you visit there!

Serotonin Eatery

Serotonin Eatery Melbourne Rehabs

Serotonin offers a complete package for healthy lifestyle. Not only Serotonin provides a meal full of nourishment but it also has an exercise and education center! Their menu doesn’t need much brainstorming because every dish you choose is made from natural ingredients and ensures healthy eating. After a busy and tiring day, head to Serotonin Eatery to enjoy your meal in a pleasant and peaceful environment.

Red Sparrow Pizza

Red Sparrow Pizza Melbourne Rehabs Drug Treatment Site

Vegans love Pizza just as everyone loves it, but in their own blend. Red Sparrow Pizza is a plant based pizzeria in Collingwood, where pizza is prepared from high quality natural ingredients. From feisty Margherita to traditional pepperoni pizza, Red Sparrow has a lot to satisfy your taste buds!

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