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Located just 4 km South-East of Melbourne’s Central Business District, South Yarra is an inner district of Melbourne. South Yarra houses a population of 25,147, most of who reside in Victorian Terrace Houses. Public spaces in South Yarra are dominated by parks and gardens, most notably Royal Botanic Garden, Fawkner Park and Como Gardens. The main shopping centers in South Yarra run along Toorak Road and Chapel Street, where several shopping stalls, restaurants and cafes are present. Being regarded as one of most liveable suburbs of Melbourne, South Yarra has well established Transport, Healthcare and Education system. South Yarra is serviced by two railway stations and multiple tram and bus routes.

South Yarra has one of best healthcare systems among suburbs in Melbourne. Several healthcare centers provide support to patients through onsite treatment and outreach programs.

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Some of healthcare centers providing top quality services in South Yarra are listed below:

Dennison Psychology

Dennison Psychology Melbourne Rehabs Alcohol Treatment Website

Dennison Psychology offers psychology services. From adolescents to adults, the clinic provides assessment and treatment to individuals and families. They provide treatment for psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, relationship problems, eating disorders, PTSD and many others. The psychologists at the clinic use therapeutic practices like CBT, ACT, Schema Therapy and Emotion-Focused Therapy. The clinic also provides assistance to people with substance and drug addictions. Counseling sessions and therapeutic processes are used to counter addictive behaviors. The clinic is located at 3/2 Avoca Street.

Millswyn Clinic

Millswyn Clinic specializes in mental health service. The private clinic has a team of several doctors who look after mental health problems experienced by patients. Their team includes psychiatrists, psychologists and many other allied health professionals. The clinic is located at 466 Punt Road.

South Yarra Medical

South Yarra Medical Melbourne Rehabs Drug Treatment Site       

South Yarra Medical is a General-Practice healthcare facility. Located 5/102 Toorak road, the hospital provides quality treatment to a number of health problems. Their areas of service include General Health check-ups, child immunizations, travel vaccinations, family planning and sexual health, sports medicine and injuries, skin checks and minor surgical procedures. The clinic also has its own psychology practice known as “Balance Psychology Network” where they offer treatment for multiple psychological problems. The center also has onsite pathology service and clinic is often visited by orthopedic surgeons who look after several orthopedic conditions.

South Yarra Clinic

Located at 668 Chapel Street, South Yarra clinic is a General Practice healthcare facility. The clinic provides quality healthcare to individuals and families and is open for all 7-days. The clinic covers a range of general health services like immunizations, travel vaccinations, women’s health, family planning, minor surgical procedures and care plan. Other specialized services include skin checks, cosmetic surgery and treatments, psychology, Intravenous Vitamin and Hydration treatment and physiotherapy.

Vogue Medical

Vogue Medical is private clinic which offers top quality general practice services in South Yarra. The clinic is equipped with modern medical equipment. Highly experienced health professionals offer effective treatment to patients for several health conditions. Their services include Childhood and Adult Vaccinations, Travel medicine, Asthma and Diabetes management, Wound care and minor surgeries and chronic disease management plan. The clinic has onsite pathology collection center. The clinic also provides psychology services. They offer drug and alcohol assessment andcounseling. Other psychological services include tailored psychological counseling and therapies to cater requirements of individualpatients. The medical center is located at 670 Chapel Street.

South Yarra Osteopathic Clinic

South Yarra Osteopathic Clinic Melbourne Rehabs

South Yarra Osteopathic clinic specializes in Osteopathy. They look after a range of musculoskeletal and nervous system problems. The clinic’s highly experienced and dedicated health professional provide best possible treatment to patients through onsite treatment and home-based treatments. They pay special focus on evaluating and highlighting normal life practices which deter your health. They also look after sports injuries, back pain, headaches, arthritis and pregnancy strains. The clinic can be reached at 202 Suite, 122 Toorak Road.

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Well developed and highly advanced healthcare system of south Yarra ensures best treatment for several health conditions. The cost of healthcare is also affordable; therefore quality healthcare is accessible to all.

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