MelbourneRehabs Scholarship Program

MelbourneRehabs is awarding 1000$ in scholarships each year to undergraduate and graduate students who share their vision and ideas for an addiction-free society.

MelbourneRehabs Scholarship ProgramOur core service operations include:
Drug Rehab in Melbourne,
Meth Abuse Treatment,
Alcohol Rehab,
Heroin Rehab,
and all kinds of drug abuse rehabilitation programs. You can read more about us here.

According to a major International study, Australia has one of the world’s most serious drug problems. More than 40% of Australians have used an illicit drug over the age of 14 once in their lifetime and the number continues to grow. The use of illegal drugs and abuse of pharmaceutical drugs has claimed about 384 overdose deaths in Victoria in the year 2014 alone.

With MelbourneRehabs Scholarship Program, we want to challenge our current university students to share their ideas on how we can improve the drug epidemic situation and make the society addiction-free.


We are looking to provide scholarships of $1000 to the deserving students. Applicants must follow the guidelines below in order to apply for scholarship.


– Must be currently attending or planning to attent a college or university during fall 2017 academic year.
– Must be in good academic standing with the educational institution.
– If aged under 18, student must have permission from a parent or legal guardian.


The applicants just have to share their views on how to make our society free of drug abuse. Students are required to write an essay of 600-800 words covering the following details:

– How is drug abuse and addiction a serious problem in our society?
– How a drug addiction free world would differ from the world today?
– In what ways we can overcome this drug addiction epidemic?

The applicants must attach their personal details(Full name, email address, phone number) along with the essay.


– Prepare an essay according to the guidelines provided above.
– Send your essay to [email protected] with the subject: “Scholarship Applicant”
– Must include your name, address, and name of the institution attending or planning to attend.
– Must provide your written essay (.doc and .pdf formats prefferred) by the deadline of August December 28, 2017.
– A winner will be chosen on  August December 29, 2017.