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December 31, 2017
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December 31, 2017
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Richmond is a suburb 3km South-East from Melbourne’s Central Business District. The suburb takes its name from Richmond Hills (London) and is well-known for its strong multicultural influences. It is also popular for its commercial strips which include Victoria Street, Swan Street and Bridge Road. Here you can find finest retail brands of clothing, jewelry and footwear. Victoria Gardens Shopping Center is another large shopping facility around Victoria Streetand includes major stores like IKEA and Kmart. Victoria Street is often nicknamed as “Little Vietnam” for its traditional Vietnamese cuisine. The suburb has a population of over 27,000 people, mostly residing in small homes in narrow streets. The region has well developed transport system with arterial roads, five train stations and 7 tram routes.

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Richmond has well established healthcare system, providing comprehensive health assistance to its residents with Epworth Private Hospital being one of major healthcare facilities in the town. Other top medical centers located in Richmond are as follows:

Odyssey House

Odyssey House provides long-term residential treatment services to people suffering from drug dependence. It is located at 660 Bridge Road in Richmond and provides treatment in a 112 bed Therapeutic Community. They provide wide range of treatment services, also addressing social and relationship issues related to drug addiction. These include mental health, vocational problems and family issues.

Epworth Hospital Richmond

Epworth Hospital is part of Epworth Healthcare Unit and is situated at 89 Bridge Road in Richmond. Epworth Hospital is one of Australia’s leading healthcare providers with highly advanced healthcare systems which include Australia’s first Da Vinci Surgical Robotic System and catheter laboratories. Epworth Hospital has one of the best Emergency Care Departments which accept time-critical patients. Their Emergency Care treats around 28,000 patients annually. Epworth Richmond covers wide range of healthcare services mainly cardiac, orthopedic, cancer and mental health. The hospital provides rehabilitation programs for numerous mental and social problems.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous Melbourne Rehabs Alcohol Treatment Website

Alcoholics Anonymous is a well-known International organization which aims to aid alcoholics through fellowship and company of other alcoholics. It has one of its branches at 36 Church Street in Richmond. It is non-professional which means there are no doctors or counselors but only drinkers to assist each other in maintaining sobriety and recover from drinking habit. The alcoholics meet with each other in groups and discuss their struggles and experiences before and after addiction.

The Melbourne Clinic

It is the largest private mental health service in Melbourne. The clinic has 175 patient bed facility and provides treatment through expertise of psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and nurses. They offer inpatient, day and community outreach programs according to the needs mental problems which are faced by the patients. The Melbourne Clinic is at 130 Church Street in Richmond.

Richmond Medical

Richmond medical is a general practice clinic which provides high standard healthcare services. It works in collaboration with South Yarra Medical and was established in 2009. It is located at 9/53 Coppin Street. Their services include minor surgical procedures, skin care, pregnancy and family planning, child immunizations and general health check-ups. It also provides onsite pathology to people who need blood or other tests for their treatment.

Christian Street Medical Center

Christian Street Medical Centre Melbourne Rehabs

Christian Street Medical Center is a General practice located at 300 Church Street, Richmond. The Medical Center is appointment based where appointments have to be booked in advance and standard time per appointment is 15 minutes. The Center provides medical care in various health conditions such as general checkups, minor surgical procedures, hypnotherapy and children’s health. Pathology collection is available on site and emergency care is also offered where they help in assessing most appropriate course of action for the problem.

Richmond has well developed health system and infrastructure. This development plays a key role in providing residents of Richmond, a convenient and top level healthcare. Ranging from General Practice to Drug Rehabilitation, the region’s medical centers provide assessment and treatment to nearly every health problem that is experienced by its residents.

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