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December 31, 2017
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December 31, 2017

Reservoir is a suburb located 12km North of Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBD). The suburb falls in local government area of City of Darebin. The suburb’s name is derived from three water reservoirs built in North of Preston. The suburb has standard brick homes and weatherboard homes and holds population of 50,474 according to the 2016 Census. The suburb is home to Edwardes Lake and Reservoir Leisure Center. The shopping strips of Edwardes Street and Broadway are also located in Reservoir, where you can find finest brands of products. Reservoir has well established transport system. It is serviced by four railway stations and many other tram and bus routes.

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Reservoir has highly developed healthcare system. Several hospitals and medical centers including private healthcare centers provide treatment of several health problems. Prominent healthcare providers in the region are stated below:

Co Health

Co Health Melbourne Rehabs Addiction Treatment Blog

Co Health is a non-profit health organization. They provide wide range of medical services and support at low cost. Their services include medical, dental, aged care, mental health and counseling. Despite low costs, they make high quality healthcare accessible to all. The medical center also provide support for drug addiction. They offer counseling, family drug support and needle-syringe program.

Your Community Health

Your Community Health has been providing healthcare to Northern parts of Melbourne since 42 years. They offer medical, dental and allied health services through out-reach and center-based programs. They cover wide range of health disciplines. These include Diabetes, Nutrition Podiatry, Speech Pathology, mental health and dental problems. They also provide support for drug abuse, where they offer needle-syringe program, pharmacotherapy and drug education. Their center in Reservoir is at 125 Blake Street.

Summerhill Medical Center

Summerhill Medical Center is a bulk billing medical center providing affordable healthcare. The Center located at 830 Plenty Road is based on 10 GPs. They mainly look after Dietetics, Diabetes, Cardiac, Allergy testing, Psychology and Physiotherapy at their center. The center has onsite Pathology collection center. The doctors have different sessions in a week and the center is open for all 7 days.

Wrigley Psychology Services

Wrigley Psychology Services Melbourne Rehabs Alcohol Treatment Website

Wrigley Psychology Services is founded by Dr. Sarah Wrigley. The clinic provides psychological services to individuals and organizations. The clinic offers assessment and treatment for psychological disorders such as anxiety, trauma, difficult childhood experiences and several others. Apart from treatment, the clinic also offers training and workshops for health professionals and organizations. Such workshops focus mainly on enhancing wellbeing of staff, stress management and introduction to CBT. The clinic also offers internet based services where therapeutic and consultation services can be availed via internet software. This makes psychological support accessible for many people living in remote areas of Australia.  They can be reached at 279 Spring Street in Reservoir.

Northside Dermatology

Northside Dermatology Melbourne Rehabs Drug Treatment Site

Northside Dermatology looks after skin care needs in Northern Australia. Recently established, the center helps in early detection of skin diseases like skin cancer. They offer wide range of surgical, laser and cosmetic dermatology services. The center is located at 2A Marchant Avenue.

There are several other medical centers in Reservoir which strive to provide top quality healthcare. These centers cover almost all disciplines of health. Many healthcare centers in neighboring suburbs are also accessible to residents of Reservoir.

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