Beautiful Sights of Multiculturalism in Melbourne

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Multiculturalism in Melbourne on Melbourne Rehabs Drug Treatment Site

Melbourne is regarded as one of most harmonious and liveable cities in the world. It is known to be a welcoming and friendly city. Its hospitality is evident from the fact that Melbourne is home to a culturally diverse population. These include native people and migrants from Europe, Asia and Africa who settled in the city.

This diversity has given a wonderful outlook to the city. Melbourne now boasts of landscapes and tourist sights which display the essence of “Multiculturalism”. Here are few spectacular multicultural sights in Melbourne:


Chinatown Australian Travel Spot Melbourne Rehabs Addiction Treatment Blog

Chinatown is a Chinese settlement located in the heart of the city. It is known for being longest and continuous Chinese settlement in Western world. Chinatown has its own Chinese Museum based on 5 floors. The museum has Dragon Gallery and exhibits related to Australia’s Chinese history. Chinese Mission Church is a historic landmark in Chinatown, built in 1872.

It has a number of restaurants and cafes, offering variety if Asian cuisine. There are annual festivals held in Chinatown which include Chinese New Year and Asian Food Festivals.

Melbourne Museum

Melbourne Museum Australian Travel Spot Melbourne Rehabs Alcohol Treatment Website

Melbourne Museum is one of largest museums in Victoria, displaying cultural and historical face of Australia. Although the museum has different number of galleries, exhibits and facilities but is a place to know about cultural history of Australia

Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Center is a permanent exhibit at the museum featuring knowledge and insight into Aboriginal and other tribes of Australia. There’s also a gallery highlighting history of different cultures in Melbourne from early 19th century till now.

Lygon Street

Lygon Street Australian Travel Spot Melbourne Rehabs Drug Treatment Site

Lygon Street more commonly known as Little Italy is an Italian precinct in Melbourne. Lygon Street introduced café culture in Melbourne. The street is home to several Italian restaurants and cafes.

Most poplar spots at Lygon Street are Lygon Court Shopping Center, Lygon Food Store and Cinema Nova.

Immigration Museum

Immigration museum Australian Travel Spot Melbourne Rehabs Addiction Treatment Blog

Immigration Museum displays Australia’s immigration history. The museum not only provides insight into immigration history but serves as a place to connect communities.

Multiple temporary and permanent exhibitions are held to highlight immigration history. Many annual festivals are also held to bring different communities together!

Victoria Street


Victoria Street, often nicknamed as Little Saigon, is located just few kilometers from Melbourne. It represents huge proportion of Vietnamese community.

People head to Victoria Street to enjoy Vietnamese cuisine. The street has numerous restaurants and food stores serving Vietnamese cuisine along with few other Asian cuisines.

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