Important Local Laws of Melbourne You Must Abide By

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December 31, 2017
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Important Local Laws of Melbourne

Laws are important guidelines which tell you as to what is accepted or not accepted in a particular area. It is necessary to follow the laws and regulations of the area, especially when you are visiting a foreign country. Just like every city in the world, Melbourne has its own set of laws to be followed by locals and foreigners alike. If you are visiting Melbourne and don’t have knowledge of local laws, then following are some important laws that you might need to know;

Speed Limits and Seatbelts

Speed Limits and Seatbelts Melbourne Rehabs Alcohol Treatment Website

Speed limits are strictly enforced in Melbourne. Every road has a fixed speed limit indicated by the speed limit sign on that road. Extra care is advised while driving in residential areas and school zones. Driving above speed limit is an offense!

Drivers along with passengers have to wear seatbelts. In case of children under the age of 7, they should be in a children restraint.

Legal Drinking Age and Smoking

Legal Drinking Age and Smoking Melbourne Rehabs Drug Treatment Site

Legal drinking age in Australia is 18 years. You will need to provide a proof of your age, either through driver’s license or passport. However consumption of any sort of liquor is prohibited in some public places of the city.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in smoke free zones. There are designated smoke free zones where smoking is not permitted.

Parking Laws

Parking Laws Melbourne Rehabs Addiction Treatment Blog

Parking is only permitted for the time period specified on the parking sign. If the parking signs states “meter” or “ticket” then you are supposed to pay for the parking spot. Parking is not allowed in “No stopping areas” or “taxi zones”.

Parking in disabled parking space is only permitted if you hold “Parking permit for disabled people.”

Public Behavior

Public Behavior Melbourne Rehabs

It is not permitted to play or sound a musical instrument and sing in a public space without a permit. Similarly it is not allowed to perform any sort of jugglery, dance or puppetry in a public place.

Protection of Public Spaces

It is not permissible to perform any act of indecency, offense or nuisance in a public space. These include abusing, violence, harassment or anything that adversely affects the amenity of the place.

It is strictly prohibited to obstruct or damage objects in public space. These include acts of vandalism, removing signs, harming trees and many others.

Activities on Water bodies

Activities on Water bodies Melbourne Rehabs Drug Treatment Site

It is strongly forbidden to swim, paddle or bathe in a water body in a public space. It is also forbidden to allow an animal to do the above activities.

It is also prohibited to throw, place or dispose any object in a water body.

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