5 Healthy Activities That Repel Addictions

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December 31, 2017
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Drug Addiction is a serious health and societal problem. Present in every corner of this world, it has gripped a high percentage of world’s population. Major reasons that lead people towards this menace include anxiety, depression and lack of socializing. Given the fragile nature of teenagers, many people start consuming drugs in their teenage. This highlights the significance of keeping yourself occupied in healthy and positive activities in order to avoid addiction. Few of these activities can be listed as:

1. Exercise and Yoga

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Physical health plays a vital role in wellbeing of your mental health. Many people neglect the importance of physical activity in keeping your mind fresh. Daily exercise helps in improving mind to body connections and release of mood-boosting neurochemicals. Exercise has proved to be an activity which helps to reduce physical as well as psychological stress. People who exercise regularly relate to reduction in stress and induced feeling of optimism and calmness.

Yoga is one of most effective ways to keep you mentally fit. With use of physical and mental techniques, Yoga helps stimulate brain’s function. It increases mental stability which improves self-control and cerebral balance. With strong self-control, a person can easily avoid addictive behavior.

2. Travelling

The environment around a person determines his mood and behavior. Being in stressful environment doesn’t help in keeping one self away from anxiety. It is necessary to move out of your comfort zone and explore the world around you. Going to different places changes the environment and helps in development of brain. The brain adapts to new environment giving birth to fresh ideas and thoughts. It uplifts your mood and makes you face problems with positive approach. Travelling doesn’t necessarilymean going across the globe but simple activities like going out for a walk or visiting an Art Gallery makes a difference.

3. Learning new skills

Learningnew skills is one of few positive activities a teenager can indulge himself into. Consider the process of learning as an exercise for your brain. When you take the challenge of learning, your brain grows to develop that particular skill. Engaging in learning of new skillskeeps you away from negative activities and your time is spent in acquiring a useful trade. Many people like to learn to play musical instruments or maybe to speak a new language in their leisure time.

4. Socializing

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Spending time with family and right group of friends is necessary. When you are surrounded by people who care about you and are positive influence in your life, it not only provides a secure environment but also keeps you away from negative emotions that trigger drug abuse. Being in good company would make you feel loved and supported. Conversely, being in company of people who use drugs would more likely make you indulge in drug use as well.

5. Extra-Curriculars and Volunteering

If you are not into acquiring new skills, then you might want to test the skills you already have. There are numerous Extra-curricular activities that would cater your interest. You are occupied in perfecting your skills, which provides your brain to grow in positive way. It helps in suppressing negative emotions and develops feeling of self-confidence.Volunteering provides a similar learning experience.

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