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Glen Waverly is a suburb which lies in 21km South-East from Melbourne’s Central Business District. Initially the suburb was known as Black Flat, but its name was changed to Glen Waverly in 1905. Glen Waverly is widely known for its Real Estate Market and it is home to headquarters of big companies like Toshiba, Ansell and NEC. The census in 2011 shows that Glen Waverly has a population of 39,204 and houses a great portion of Chinese people living in Australia.

The suburb has attracted several Chinese property buyers, who account for rise in property prices of the suburb. The suburb has sports teams representing in multiple sports which include Cricket, Soccer, Tennis and Australian Rule Football. Glen Waverly is well serviced by transport sector. Comprehensive rail and road network connect all major areas of the region to the neighboring suburbs. Glen Waverly has its own railway station known as Glen Waverly Railway Station.

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Glen Waverly has well developed healthcare system. Public and private healthcare centers provide assessment and treatment of several physical and mental health conditions. The suburb has a number of drug rehabilitation centers as well. Leading healthcare providers of Glen Waverly are listed below;

Flow Counseling and Consulting Service Pty Ltd

The center provides psychological counseling to several psychological and mental health problems. The center provides expertise in stress management, trauma recovery, relationship issues and many mental health disorders. The center is situated at Suite 14/40, Montclair Avenue. The center looks after addiction and substance abuse. They assess, diagnose and treat substance abuse.

Link Health and Community

Link Health and Community Melbourne Rehabs Addiction Treatment Blog

Link Health is a high quality healthcare provider in Victoria. It provides a broad spectrum of services which covers different health disciplines. The center’s Health professionals deal in Diabetes, Nutrition, Podiatry, and Physiotherapy. The center has dental services and provides support to disabled community. The counseling department of the center helps in addiction recovery, anxiety and depression along with other mental issues. Link Health has one of its centers in Glen Waverly at 2 Euneva Avenue.


Dayhab is one of most prominent drug rehabilitation and addiction recovery centers. The center has highly accomplished professionals who are committed to helping people with addiction recovery. They provide intensive treatment starting from the identification of the problem to the aftercare. They also offer day programs and residential programs. They can be reached at 51 Norfolk Street.

The Talk Shop

The Talk Shop aims to provide therapies for common life problems which impact on mental health. The therapies offered by the center are effective to treat common mental health problems like stress, anxiety and childhood traumas. Most of the therapy sessions are held at 2 Brandon Park Drive near Wheelers Hill. The center also offers support at home or hospital in special circumstances. Patients can receive Medicare services if they are referred by a GP.

The Glen Endoscopy Center

The Glen Endoscopy Center Melbourne Rehabs Alcohol Treatment Website


The Glen Endoscopy Center is located at 302 Springvale Road. The center provides gastrointestinal endoscopy which covers gastroscopy, colonoscopy and capsule endoscopy. The center was established in 2001 and maintains accreditation to NSQHS Standards.

The Victorian Rehabilitation Center

The Victorian Rehabilitation Center is a leading rehabilitation unit in Victoria. It is a 143 patient bed facility which provides wide range of outpatient and inpatient services. The skilled team of rehabilitation physicians and nurses help in offering care to patients. The rehabilitation center provides wide range of high quality services to patients. Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietetics, psychology, neuropsychology, speech therapy and cancer support are some of their services. The rehabilitation facility has a relaxed and friendly environment. The Victorian Rehabilitation Center is at409 Springvale Road in Glen Waverly.

Waverley Medical Center

Waverley is a private billing practice located at 244 Springvale Road in glen Waverly.  The clinic offers treatment for multiple health problems. They offer family medicine, dietitian, skin cancer support, psychologist and podiatrist. Some of minor surgery procedures are also performed at the clinic.

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The suburb is well-equipped with mental health experts and advanced technology to assess and treat patients. Glen Waverly has several other medical centers which practice expertise in different health problems.

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