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Frankston is an outer suburb of Melbourne, located 41km South-East of Melbourne City Center. Regarded as Gateway to Mornington Peninsula, it lies above the beautiful Mornington Peninsula region. The suburb stretches over the area of 20.8kmand accommodates a population of over 36,097 (2016 Census). Majority of people reside in houses and fewer people reside in apartments. Frankston is a well-developed suburb, with established infrastructure, education, transport and healthcare system. The suburb has 8 Victorian State Government schools and has campuses of Monash University and Chisholm Institute. Frankston has a comprehensive transport system which links Melbourne to the suburb and Mornington Peninsula. Frankston has its own railway station and several road routes to make it accessible from Melbourne.

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16.2% of Frankston’s population is over the age of 65 and 17.2% of the population is below the age of 14. Frankston’s well established healthcare system helps in supporting in an aging population while also looking after needs of younger population. Some of Frankston’s top healthcare providers are listed below:

Frankston Hospital

Frankston Hospital Melbourne Rehabs

Frankston Hospital is a part of Peninsula Healthcare, which look after healthcare needs of regions around Mornington Peninsula. Frankston Hospital is a major healthcare provider with 454 bed facility. The hospital provides general treatment along with specialized medical and surgical services. Their services include Aged Care, Cardiac, Cancer, Palliative Care, Physiotherapy and many others. The hospital has one of biggest and busiest emergency care centers. The hospital is located at 2 Hastings Road. The hospital also offers mental health services which include drug and alcohol support. They offer substance withdrawal, counseling and care coordination for people affected by use of drugs. It is a teaching hospital with affiliations with Monash University and Deakin University.

Youth Support + Advocacy Service

YSAS is leading youth health service striving to help and assist young people between ages 14-21. They look after highly vulnerable young Victorians affected by drugs, alcohol and mental health problems. They provide a number of outreach and residential rehab for youngsters suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Their center in Frankston is at 62 Playne Street.

Peninsula Private Hospital

Peninsula Private Hospital is a part of Ramsay Health Group and is second largest hospital in Frankston. It is a 253 bed facility with comprehensive emergency, surgical, medical and cardiac services. The hospital is equipped with state-of-art technology and provides top quality healthcare. Their area of services includes Cardiac, Gastroenterology, Obstetrics, Oncology and Orthopedics. The hospital has 7 beds Intensive Care Unit facility and is well-known for its excellence in the care provided at the facility. Onsite Pathology is available at the hospital. The hospital is located at 525 McClelland Drive.

Frankston Rehabilitation Hospital

Frankston Rehabilitation Hospital Melbourne Victoria

Frankston Rehabilitation Hospital is a 69 bed rehabilitation hospital, owned by St. John of god Healthcare Network. The hospital facility includes gymnasium, loungers, courtyards and gardens to provide effective rehabilitation to patients. The hospital specializes in neurological, cardiac, orthopedic and movement problems related rehabilitation. Their main services include hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, pain management and Parkinson’s disease support. The rehabilitation facility is located at 255-265 Cranbourne Road.

Frankston Private Day Surgery

Frankston Private Day Surgery is a part of Healthscope group. It is a 27 bed facility located at Level 2,24-28 Frankston-Flinders Road. The hospital offers high quality day procedures and surgeries. Highly qualified and dedicated professionals at the hospital provide effective surgical procedures. They provide following services; Endoscopy, Colorectal Surgery, Plastic Surgery, IVF Treatments, Dental Services and several others.

Peninsula Family General Practice

Peninsula Family General Practice provides general medical care to individuals and families. The center provides quality and up-to-date healthcare. Dedicated Health professionals at the clinic offer wide range of services. These include Aged Care, Chronic Disease Management, Mental Health, Minor surgeries, Vaccinations and Skin checkups. The clinic is located at 1B Vera Street.

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Frankston has a great reputation when it comes to providing top quality healthcare. Not only healthcare industry supports the need of Frankston’s population but it is also leading employment generating sector of the suburb.

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