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CAULFIELD, VIC 3162 Drug Alcohol Recovery Melbourne Rehabs

Caulfield is a small suburb which lies in the South-Eastern region of Melbourne. It is 12 km from Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBD). The suburb is suggested to be named after John Caulfield, a builder who arrived in the area in 1837. Last year’s census shows that Caulfield has a population of 5,595, with nearly half of the people born in Australia.

In the north of suburb lies the famous Caulfield Park. It is a large Victorian garden, with a war memorial. There’s a beautiful lake and several playing fields for sports around the park. Monash University, a public research university has one of its campuses in Caulfield.Caulfield has a comprehensive public transport system which helps connecting it to the city of Melbourne. The transport system is based on trains and trams which are accessible in most of the areas in Caulfield and connect them to Melbourne.

The Caulfield Railway Station is located in Eastern Caulfield. The suburb is home to Australia’s one of the best horse racing tracks, known as Caulfield Racecourse. Most of Australia’s famous and historic races are hosted here, which include Caulfield Cup, Blue Diamond Stakes, Oakleigh Plate, Underwood Stakes and others. Australian rules football is another sport which is heavily followed in Caulfied with its local team competing in Southern Football League.

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Despite Caulfield being a small suburb, it has well developed healthcare. The area is serviced by few top healthcare providers which help in treatment of numerous health problems faced by the residents of Caulfield. Many people also visit healthcare centers of neighboring suburbs. Prominent healthcare centers of Caulfield are listed below;

Caulfield Hospital

Caulfield Hospital is a member of Alfred Health, which is one of Victoria’s top healthcare providers. Situated at 230 Kooyong Road, Caulfield Hospital provides care and treatment for variety of health problems. These include ABI, cardiac problems, mental health, chronic wounds among others. The hospital offers effective rehabilitation programs to patients. It also offers rehabilitation programs for Orthopedics, Neurology, Cardiorespiratory, ABI and Musculoskeletal problems. The professionals at Caulfield Hospital also offer support and assistance at home, allowing better accessibility to healthcare.

Calvary Healthcare Bethlehem

Calvary Healthcare Bethlehem, Cailfield MelbourneCalvary Health Care Bethlehem is part of Calvary Organization which non-profit catholic healthcare organization. It provides palliative, neurological and allied health services. The hospital located at 476 Kooyong Road, provides healthcare through inpatient, outpatient and community based programs. The hospital practices expertise in Neurological diseases and Palliative care. Besides providing quality healthcare, it provides education and training for a wide-range of health disciplines. It is affiliated with renowned universities of Australia like Monash University and University of Notre Dame.

Center 4 inspiration

Center 4 Inspiration is one of most well-known psychological treatment center in Caulfield. The center has independent Practitioners who work together to provide treatment. Each Practitioner charge their own fees. With use of neuroscience and neuropsychotherapy, the center provides a number of services in psychological field. They provide best support and assistance in CBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Clinical Neuro-Therapy, Hypnosis Therapy among others. The center is at 401 Hawthorn Road.

Caulfield Maternal and Child Health Center

Caulfield Maternal and Child Health CentreAlcohol Detox Melbourne Rehabs

Caulfield Maternal and Child Health Center is run by Glen Eira City Council. Glen Eira City Council is third tier of government. Among many other public services, it offers health services to the residents of Caulfield. In Caulfield, the center is situated at Corner Glen Eira and Hawthorn roads.The medical experts at the center help in parenting support, reviewing child health, safety and injury prevention and breastfeeding support. Other health services offered by the City Council are Aged Care facilities, support for disabled people, promoting environmental safety and health awareness in community.

Caulfield has few medical centers but they are sufficient to fulfill needs of the small population of the suburb. Besides its own healthcare centers, many other centers share proximity to Caulfield. Although they don’t lie in Caulfield, they are accessible to residents.

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