Best Sports Clubs in Melbourne Youngsters Can Join

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Best Sports Clubs in Melbourne

Melbourne is regarded as sports capital of Australia. Sports is passionately played and followed in Melbourne. Ranging from Australian Rules football to Cricket, you would find numerous electrifying sporting events in sporting calendar of Melbourne. Evident from interest in sports among youngsters, Sports culture is engraved in Melbourne’s youth.  To support and develop sports passion among youth, many sports clubs and academies help to provide best sporting facilities.

Teenagers Addiction Problems

These academies also serve as a safe and healthy environment for Australian teenagers. More so, in case of teenagers who are vulnerable to drug use or are already recovering from it. In addiction rehabilitation process, sports and physical activities can prove to be highly effective. Physical well-being is linked with mental well-being. Physical activities help release of mood-boosting chemicals and negate stress and anxiety.

Following are few sporting facilities in Melbourne:

FightFit Boxing Center

Fightfit Boxing Center

Fight Fit is a multi-purpose gym offering fitness along with boxing and kickboxing training. The center has highly experienced and skillful trainers, who have previously competed at elite National and International levels. They help youngsters achieve their fitness goals while also teaching them boxing and kickboxing skills.  The center equipped with state-of-art technology provides a passionate environment to youngsters to train and get fit.

Melbourne International Tennis School

Melbourne International Tennis School - MelbourneRehabs Blog

Melbourne International Tennis School is internationally recognized for its expertise in tennis coaching and development. The school offers wide range of programs that cater interests of tennis enthusiasts. They have highly professional coaching team, which is trained through the MITS coaching systems. The school provides disciplined and challenging environment to youngsters to train and develop their tennis skills. Their training methods ensure that players reach their maximum potential in tennis and fitness.


Proactivity aims to provide quality and positive experiences through sports and physical activities. The center offers a broad range of sporting programs through various sports and physical activities. The coaches are highly professional and extremely dedicated towards development of sporting skills and fitness in youngsters. They develop and polish sporting skills through tailored programs for individuals to grow and learn at their own pace. They offer training for sports like Cricket, Golf, Handball, Soccer, AFL and many others. They also provide training for boxing, self-defense, Tai Chi and Martial Arts.

Eastern Lions Football Club

Eastern Lions Football Club

Eastern Lions is a football club which plays in NPL. They are one of most renowned clubs for youth football development. Their junior section provides training opportunity for young kids to teenagers (5-18 y/o). They provide professional coaching and training and prepare players to take part in various levels of Football Federation of Victoria. Progressing through youth ranks, players have opportunity to play for senior team.

Clever Cricket and Shaun Brown’s Cricket Coaching

Clever Cricket and Shaun Brown’s Cricket Coaching is a comprehensive cricket training center. They provide cricket training through various indoor and outdoor facilities. They have indoor hardball nets practice to stimulate outdoor training experience. They also organize many annual and monthly cricket camps in various areas of Victoria.


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