How 3 Famous Australian Celebrities Fought Their Drug Addiction

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Australian Celebrities Affected by Drugs Melbourne Rehabs

Celebrities and drug addiction have gone hand in hand throughout the history. Just like normal people, celebrities are also gripped by the menace of drug addiction. Because of several factors, celebrities find themselves more prone to drug addiction than normal people. These include peer pressure, depression and drug culture that industry brings to them. Drug culture among celebrities is not a new thing; it has existed since a long time. Many renowned celebrities like Robert Downey Jr, David Hasslehoff, Lindsay Lohan etc have fought a battle against drug dependence. Others like Heath Ledger and Amy Winehouse lost their lives owing to this dependence.

Australian celebrities are no different in this case. Drug culture also prevails among Australian celebrities and public figures. Here in this article we would discuss some of Australian celebrities who fought a successful battle against drug addiction.

1. Steve Kilbey

Steve Kilbey Aussie Celeb Drug Addict Story on Melbourne Rehabs

Steve Kilbey was a lead singer and bass guitarist for Australian music band “The Church”. The singer has smoked pot and tried psychedelics during his late teenage years. It wasn’t until 1990s, he got into heroin addiction after he was casually offered heroin by a friend. He accepted it and since then, he fell into extreme heroin addiction. It remained hidden until he was arrested for a drug related charge in 1999 in New York. He was given legal aid by one of his fans.

After that he started making efforts to give up heroin. He stopped injecting drugs. He started using methadone with cough syrups. He tapered down use of methadone and reduced it to one-eighth of teaspoon. Slowly he started falling out of love of drugs and by 2002; he had no temptation left for drugs. Since then, he is living a life of sobriety.

2. Sia

Sia Australian Celebrity Drug Addict Story on Melbourne Rehabs

Sia is a widely known Australian singer and songwriter. Sia had a discomfort with fame and spotlight. She started relying on alcohol to get through live shows. She got diagnosed for Bipolar disorder and she became addicted to anti-depressants and painkillers including Xanax and OxyContin. In 2010, she hit peak of her depression and contemplated suicide. She even left a suicide note but a timely call from a friend made her reconsider her decision.

She decided to take break from her music career and enrolled in a 12 step recovery program. She returned to music in 2014 and now 7 years later, she enjoys a life of sobriety.

3. Bertie Blackman

Bertie Blackman Drug Addict Story on Melbourne Rehabs

Bertie Blackman is an Australian singer who rose to fame in 2004 with her debut album. She was known as one of most arresting rock front women as a result of her electrifying performances on stage. She was surrounded by alcohol since an early age as her father used to drink. Owing to anxiety, she developed habit of drinking alcohol before and after her performances. She drank in order to push herself more and more before her performances.

In 2009, she was taken to hospital as she felt chest pain and difficulty in breathing. She was diagnosed with inflamed cartilage, which was rubbing against her ribcage. This served as a turning point in her life. After this, she started getting treatments from psychiatrist. Her psychiatrist worked on her panic attacks and anxiety through several therapies and anti-depressants like Zoloft.

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